We're so passionate about Flagler County and our local businesses! We're teaming up with some of our favorite local business owners and entrepreneurs to share their stories and spotlight their businesses!

On this episode of "Locals Supporting Locals" Meet our Broker/Owner Pam Capela's son Jordan Capela and daughter Jacklyn Ellis. The brother and sister team are co-founders of Select Home Decor & More in Palm Coast, FL. Pam has instilled entreprenuerhsip in them at a young age. Jordan, 31 years old, found his passion in web design and digital marketing. Jordan developed and designed selecthomedeocrandmore.com and now owns his own marketing company, Select Marketing Solutions.

Select Home Decor & More eventually found its way to a traditional brick and mortar location at 5054 N. Oceanshore Blvd. in the hammock.

Jacklyn is now the face of the company, overseeing day to day operations. 

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