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    When you build a new home, who represents you?

    So, you went to the builder, liked the home you saw, and they gave you a price that sounds good to you. This happens often, and the builders love it. Their sales people work for the builder, and represent the builder. Who looks out for your interest? The sales person? The builder? Think again. Did you ask the important questions before signing. If you had talked with a real estate professional before visiting the home builder, the situation could have been much different. Most Realtors know the builder, their reputation, their build quality, and the area where you plan to build. They can also help you find the homesite of your choice, rather than a builders inventory lots. Builders are not known for getting the best lots for their inventory, but the best priced lots. Did you know that a Realtor does not charge you to represent you in the construction of a new home?

    Below is a link to 23 questions you should ask a builder before signing. Please consider contacting a Realtor to discuss your plans before meeting with the builder or visiting the model home. Many builders will not let a Realtor represent you if they did not accompany you on the first visit to their office, or model home. They can make more money on the home since they have our commission built into the cost, and that becomes more profit in their pocket if we are not involved. Please review the form below, and contact me, or any of us are RE/MAX Select Professionals before you build.

    23 Questions to ask your builder

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