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    When buying a home in Florida, the roof is a BIG issue.

    This year, it seems that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to a successful home closing is the age of the roof on the home you are buying. Insurance companies have become very strict on the age because the roof is the biggest protection from the storms we have in FL, and the older roof’s do not provide the protection of a new roof. Added to that is the cost of replacement. A typical roof replacement cost $12,000 to $15,000 and up. Insurance companies do not want to pay for this expense, so they stop writing insurance on the home. No insurance on the home means no mortgage from your lender.
    Another big issue for the insurance companies is a roof over roof where there are currently 2 roof’s on a home. There again, most insurance companies are not writing a new policy on such homes.
    What is the answer. When previewing a home, look closely at roof’s that show signs of wear and tear, missing shingles, or a home that is more than 10-15 years old. You can always search the local building permit office for permits to replace a roof, and the date it was last replaced. Often no permit was ever issued for the home, meaning whoever replaced the roof did not get a permit to replace it. You can always have a home inspector look closely at the roof, but unless there is a permit on file, they can only make an educated guess about the age of the roof, or number of years life the current roof has remaining. This way of getting an estimate of age of the roof will cost you a few hundred dollars, so I always suggest you do as much research yourself before hiring a home inspector.
    Your RE/MAX real estate professionals will help you with finding the answers to your questions about the roof. They know where to look for the answers, and where to find a reputable home inspector. When in doubt, call your insurance provider and ask them about issues getting insurance. Better to get the bad news sooner than later.

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