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    What is required to get a mortgage today?

    Easy Steps and requirements for homebuying: The following information was contributed by Katie Ditton with Ameris Bank. She is the Mortgage Banker there. If you would like to contact Katie for more information, or to apply for a mortgage, please call her contact information is below also.

    * Employment-It is standard that a minimum 12 month employment history is required
    * Saving and Budgeting: While there are programs available which provide 100% financing it is rare that a lender doesn’t require minimum number of months of reserves in a bank account to
    ensure your monthly proposed payment is paid in the event of job loss. It is typical to require 2-4 months. If you’re considering buying a house it is wise to budget your expenses and put
    some money aside for payment reserves, moving expenses, utility hook up, furniture etc.
    * Preparation: Have your financials readily available to include: 30 days paystubs, 2 months bank statements, 2 years tax returns when filling out your application as this will ensure the
    information you provide is accurate.
    * Prequalification-Contact me to pull your credit and confirm your income so that way you and your realtor know what your price point is and what program you will be considering. I make it
    easy with a quick online prequalification page, I have a 24 hour or less turnaround time on your prequalification. I will do the research on what loan programs suit you best based on your
    online submission and I will make a recommendation ad further explain the details of the program.
    * I can work with you to provide credit guidance and repair as well to get you to appoint where you are ready for homebuying if not currently
    * The house hunt-Let your realtor know of your prequalified price point so they can find properties that fit your prequalification requirements
    * Make offer-with help from your agent
    * Contract-Once I am in possession of a fully executed sale contract I will work with my team to ensure a smooth loan process
    * Processing-be prepared to provide additional documents requested, I will work with the appraisal, surveying and title companies
    * Underwriting-be prepared to answer questions
    * Closing-I will be in attendance at your closing to answer questions and ensure a great closing experience and a passing of the keys

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