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    The Rental Market

    Today I was searching for a rental home for a friend of mine. When I saw the results of my search, I was shocked. I know rents have been increasing, but the average rental was about $1300 a month. If someone has that kind of money to pay for housing, they can buy a $250,000 home. I must ask why anyone would want to pay for someone else’s mortgage when they could be paying off their own mortgage. The only answer I can come up with is there credit is too bad to get a loan, or they just don’t know that they can get a loan. Small down payments, no down payments are all possible if you use a Realtor who is knowledgeable, and willing to go to bat for you. I think that would describe the team at Remax Select Professionals. Before you rent, you own it to yourself to speak with a Real Estate Professional about your options. You could save thousands of dollars a year.

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