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    Technology and your home buying experience

    I am in the process of upgrading my IPhone 6 to a new IPhone 6s Plus. As I consider this purchase, I take into account the primary use for my phone. If it’s to make phone calls, I only need a dumb phone. Today’s home buyer has every tool on their phone to complete a real estate transaction, and take it from offer to home sweet home. Buyers can find homes in the vicinity of their current location with the assistance of their smart phone. You can view photos and virtual tours, home videos, and arrange showing appointments with a simple finger swipe. You can sign purchase documents, apply for the loan, and have all these documents filed away on their phone. Home inspections can be arranged and the results viewed on the phone, with accompanying photos. Although most details of the transaction can be done with the technology built into most smart phone, the closing still needs to take place in person, with paper with pen in hand. Lenders want real signatures, and will not accept electronic signatures.

    Having a Realtor who is technology savvy is important in today’s world. Your local Remax Select Professional has the knowledge to make your home buying process a smooth process with the use of today’s technology.

    A little trivia for you. Did you know that the average smart phone has more computer power than the computer used to put the first man on the moon?

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