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    Palm Coast Good Water Quality

    I recently experienced stronger than usual odors coming from my water in my home. Sometimes the city will add extra disinfectant to the water system to kill any germs or bacteria. After doing some research into the affect of Chlorine on your health, I decided to install a whole house filtration / Softener system. I installed a Aquasana system, and the water was immediately much better tasting, and no more chlorine smell. One thing I had not considered was the quality of the drinking water when installed…
    I recently had my swimming pool resurfaced, and I bypassed my filtration system when filling. After the pool was filled, I called the company doing the work and complained that the pool looked like swamp water, thinking they had put the wrong finish in the pool. They said once they did their startup on the pool, it would look much different. The next day, the guy come out to add the chemicals to get the water balanced, and where it needed to be for the finish to cure and clarify the water. I noticed immediately how the chemicals were clearing up the swamp water. Come to find out, I have a beautiful new finish in my pool, and the swamp water was the color of the city water. It looks clear in a glass, but 12,000 gallons of murky mess is in the pool.
    My whole house filtration system has a pre filter which filters the water from the city system, then the water passes through a tank for the chemical removal, then another thank for the softening. There is a micro filter to catch any impurities that get that far before the water enters the home. I pulled the pre filter, and it was brown after a month of service. I had no idea how dirty the city water was until I went through all this.
    As you can probably imagine, I highly recommend a water filtration for the entire home. For a small investment, I can have bottle water quality out of my faucet. The health benefits may not be know for years down the road. Below is a link to the company that made my filtration system.

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