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    New Homes are Booming

    Many buyers of homes don’t think of New Construction with looking for a home. I always suggest considering a new home for people who are in the price range. Often, you can buy a new home for the same price as a similar existing home. The biggest difference is the new home has years of maintenance free living ahead of it, whereas the existing home may only be a few years away from expensive maintenance such as a new roof, or replacing carpeting. Many new home builders also have lenders who are willing to pay large portions of your closing cost, up to $7500 in some cases. Thats a big savings to you.
    The only advantage to buying an existing home is sometimes you get mature landscaping, and upgrades such as fencing, or storage sheds, and window treatments, which a new home usually costs extra. Thats assuming the previous owners designed the landscape to your taste.
    When in doubt, ask your RE/MAX real estate professional, who can also be a wonderful consultant on market trends.

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