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    Follow up to water quality

    In installed my Aquasana Whole House water filtration system 2 months ago. I decided to check my filters yesterday, so I turned the water off to them, and took the first tilter off. The system has a pre-filter, which is the water filtration from the city. The water then passes through 2 tanks. One is a water softener, and the other is a charcoal filter to remove the Chlorine and bromine, and the other hazardous chemicals in the water system. The filters are white as white can be when new. After 2 months, the 1st filter was brown, and looked like muddy water had passed through they system. I put a new filter in that and removed the 2nd filter or micro filter. This was black, but that was probably due to the fine charcoal particles that it through it. Both filters were replaced.
    O decided to include a picture of the used filters.
    If you are considering a water filtration system for your home, visit They run various discounts through out the year, so check back frequently.


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