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    Covid-19 and the Real Estate Market

    Its been about 9 months since we heard the name Coronavirus. As soon as the full impact from this pandemic was known, and the country went into lockdown, I thought the real estate industry would collapse again like it did in 2006. If anyone had told me that the market would be booming, I would have called them crazy.
    Once again, my prediction on the market was wrong. The real estate market did start booming, partly due to lowered interest rates on mortgages.
    That being said, with a booming real estate market, it’s called a seller’s market. Homes are selling quickly when they hit market and are selling for asking price or very close. I have buyers still wanting to make a low offer on a home that they want to make their own. I usually send these people a list of recent sold properties that shows the asking price, and the selling price. For the most part, the buyer either does not look at this information, or do not believe it.
    If you work with a Realtor you do not trust, find one you can trust. Those of us who have been in business for a while, know what we are talking about, and only do what we do to educate you, and prevent you from losing a home that you really like. Realtors know their market and should be trusted to provide you with good advice. We do not like wasting your time our ours making offers that we know will be rejected.
    Keep in mind that a Realtor has no higher duty than to be honest. It’s in our code of ethics.

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