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    Buy new, or existing home?

    I was showing a couple from Wisconsin homes in Palm Coast yesterday. We looked at several existing homes; many were 10 – 20 years old and showing their age with many renovations looking them in the eyes. Renovations such as new roofs, updated decor, and replacing flooring just to name a few. Since buying a new home was in the price range of their search, I asked if they would be interested in a new home. Their first response was that they did not want to build a new home and go through the headache’s associated with new construction. In Palm Coast, there are builders who build speculation homes. Many of their homes are completed, so touring these homes is the same process as touring existing homes. Once they saw what they could get in a new home, they were sold on a new home purchase over an existing home.
    As a Florida Realtor, it’s my responsibility to make sure the buyer looks at all available options. Then they can make an educated decision on what’s best for them. As it turned out, a new home was the best option for this coupled.

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