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    Beware of Rental Scams

    Recently I listed a home for sale and the first weekend, I started to get a lot of call on the home. Sounds like a good thing, but they were asking questions about renting the property. These were the fortunate people who could drive by the home, and call me from the for sale sign. I searched the web for this address, and there it was on Craigslist as a rental home. My pictures were being used, as was the description. The scammer had obviously saved that information from my listing description.
    If you see a property that seems too good to be true it probably is. First, google the property address to see what information you can find online. If the home is for sale, call the listing Realtor. This information may be buried in the bottom of the listing information, but it should be there. The other Realtors that appear with the listing have paid a price to get you to call them, and they may not know the answer. Second, contact the listing Realtor to find out if the home is also a rental property. If the listing Realtor is not available to talk with you, find the property on the property appraiser’s website, and try to contact the owners. Hopefully one of these resources can give you valuable information.
    Never, Never, Never send money to secure a property sight unseen, or without spoking with the Realtor, or homeowner. Always caution on the side of safety for your hard earned money.
    Its sad that people spend their time trying to rob hardworking people of what little money they have.

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