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    1st, let’s get you with the right lender.

    Lets check out this house for sale in Palm Coast the prefect place to live!?  “Oh honey I love this house, can we place an offer?”  “I do not know honey, I’m not sure what we qualify for.”  Not being approved is frustrating when you fall in love with a home,  and then you discover you can’t afford to buy it.  Before looking at homes please consult with a mortgage lender.  There is a big difference between lenders!!  This year we have seen some lenders succeed where others say they can not do the loan.  Most buyer need a mortgage in order to buy a home, so get prepared before you look.  Arm yourself with the knowledge of what you can afford, what your payment is going to be..  This will focuses your search and allows you to make a move when you find a home you love.

    What is a pre-approval? Most lenders offer the borrowers either a pre-qualification letter or a pre-approval letter, but most REALTORS® recommend you get a pre-approval letter before you start the home search.  The pre-qualification letter will give you an amount the lender believe you can borrow based on income and credit.

    Many changes have occurred in mortgage lending.  The standards have tightened since the housing crisis of 2007, and all mortgage loans now require full documentation and verification of income and assets.  Sellers will most likely only accept offers from buyers with a full pre-approval letter based on verified information from the buyer.

    Finding a home will be much easier with a pre-appoval.  If there is any issue with your credit you can repair it before you make an offer on a house you do not want to loose.  Also since you have already started the process the transaction will go easier and take less time to complete.

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